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Username: ttkay
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 2:00 AM GMT
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Subject: No more.  Just none.


   What on Earth makes ICANN think they can get away with this?
   It reminds me of what happened to Richard Stallman and Kenneth Ritchie when Cygnus came out with gcc3 (oops! no, make that "egcs").  As soon as there was a viable alternative, the gcc developers ceased to have any reason to put up with KR's and RMS's incompetence anymore, and moved en masse to egcs development -- which has since been renamed to gcc.
   There's no magic in creating an internet, or even a domain name system.  Several alternatives already exist; they only lack the ease of migration necessary for the same kind of flocking from the old to the new.
   Development is ongoing.  There is no more reason to hold conversation with ICANN.  Time is better spent coding and deploying infrastructure.  They should prepare to find themselves rather alone.

  -- TTK

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