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Username: anser
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 6:51 AM GMT
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Subject: Verisign simply wants to 'gut' a TLD they are losing.


        It is crystal clear from the RFC's that the .ORG TLD was never designed or intended to be restricted to Non-Profit Corporations under the US or any other law.  Even the limited distinctions that were drawn between "commercial" domains (.COM) and "other organizations" (.ORG) have nothing to do with Non-Profit status, since nonprofits can engage in commercial activity (which simply means selling something, like PBS sells videotapes and the Lighthouse sells talking phones) and they are effectively companies under law.  (One assumes that the non-profit ICANN is aware of this, since they have registered the ICANN.COM domain, and their full website is displayed when you browse to that address.)

It is also clear that Verisign Inc., faced with loss of control over the catchall .ORG TLD, would stand to benefit from denying present and future revenues to potential competitors by 'gutting' the TLD in accordance with a sloppy misinterpretation of the original intent.

If ICANN has really forgotten why the various TLD's were set up, I confidently anticipate that its memory will be sparked and refreshed by the courts at an appropriate time.


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