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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 10:28 AM GMT
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Subject: Incomplete and therefore irrelevant statement from Kent Crispin (see above)


        You have told us just half of the truth.

The original intend for .org was:
Organizations AND whatever else is not fitting into .com or .net, BECAUSE a definition of what an organization in the internet exactly is, is lacking and maybe impossible to create.

Therefore an excluding definition was chosen and not an including.

In detail:

A limitation to registered organizations would have to base on a
definition, what a registered organization is, taking into account all
the respective laws existing in every country around the world and offering a service to register an organization online.

Afterall, gtlds were designed for the internet and for global purposes, not being limited to one country, as the cctlds are.

The lack of an international definition of an organization and planned organization clearly shows that the original intend was not to create a restricted interpretion of the word, but to leave open:

a. What an organization is
d. What an organization in the internet might be
b. To which extend someone has to offer services similar those of
   existing organizations.
c. If private people may automatically be regarded as organizations,
   as soon as they offer services (to whomever they do so through the

In fact, most registered organizations were created and managed for a considerable period, before becoming a registered organization in the respective country.

Furthermore the internet allows new kinds of services and therefore new kinds of organizations. Now, one person may be technically able to run an "international" organization. This was never before the case.

Your comment is incomplete and to some extend misleading, at least somewhat shortsighted.


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