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Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 2:07 PM GMT
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Subject: Confusion over the status of .ORG for individual use


In response to an email I sent to Secretary Evans and copied to Dr. Vint Cerf and Mr. Andrew McLauglin, I had a conversation with Dr. Cerf regarding the current concerns of many of the private .org users who have posted here. 

Once it was clear to him that I was discussing individual usage that was not "for-profit" although neither incorporated under any US state's "nonprofit" charter nor recognized as a "nonprofit" organization by the IRS, he reassured me that "there is no intention of excluding operations such as [mine] from .org."

I also heard from Mr. McLaughlin that "ICANN has no intention of deleting existing .org domain names."

I suspect that this is all a matter of unclear wording.  I have urged the two gentlemen to clarify this point in the agreement.

I am looking forward to seeing a slightly modified version of this agreement with some attention paid to this concern. 

I leave it to others to debate the issue of VeriSign's control of the .COM gTLD


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