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Username: chellman
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 6:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Whose internet is this?


It is heartening to see what posted about the .org
TLD being re-worded.  That is good.  There are other parts of the
agreement which are not so good.

Verisign needs to get its act together with respect to handling the
domains their customers have registered. I didn't use them
because of the reputation for poor service they have developed.
Re-registering a domain name that has expired, trying to pick
one up after a current owner gives it up, or even renewing a
currently registered domain name (in some cases) are a few
examples I've seen of NSI/VeriSign not making domain names
available to everyone. Because most of us don't have a lot of
money to throw at these issues, we get left behind. The spirit of
the internet is a level playing field for everyone, and this
agreement, if handled poorly, could continue to damage that

If they can handle the registry properly, allow fair registration
among all comers, then fine, let VeriSign continue to run the
.com registry. As of today, they still have a lot to learn.


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