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Date/Time: Tue, March 6, 2001 at 2:27 AM GMT
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Subject: I don't know, have you asked them nicely?


                        Well, don't let me keep you from ranting, but your
here should be the hearsay evidence I'm providing, rather than
my anonymity.  It should take about two clicks to resolve that
(although it would involve trusting data from VeriSign about my

What I have and you do not is mail from these two corporate
officers explaining their position.  I posted these small extracts
because I wanted their pre-meeting statements to be
well-known.  I am personally reassured based on my
correspondence with them.  I belive that they had and have no
intent to alter the use of .org by non-commercial private entities.  I
think they didn't think about the wording. I would be surprised if 
the powers that be at ICANN cared enough about our personal
domains to want to kill them.

I have the text of the statements as previously entered.  I have no
assurance that they will change the wording of the proposal or
that they will discuss it in their public meeting.  That I have urged
them to do so may have no effect.

I strongly urge other potentially affected parties to make their
concerns known (through this forum and other means) and to
respond appropriately to whatever agreement is reached in



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