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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Tue, March 6, 2001 at 7:59 AM GMT
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Subject: That is not what the ICANN documents say.


I have the greatest respect for Dr. Cerf. I have always looked up to him and believe that he is of high character, especially after watching him during the ICANN application board meeting.

However, the ICANN documents state, and I quote:

"The net result of this would be a .org registry returned, after some appropriate transition period, to its originally intended function as a registry operated by and for non-profit organizations."

A non-profit organization, as interpreted by a lawyer in the United States (and I can only assume that these documents were written by lawyers) is an organization that has legally obtained 501c status.

I don't think they are refering to families and soccer clubs here. They are using the term "non-profit organization" for a reason and they are referring to 501c status organizations.

Furthermore, and I quote from the .ORG proposition:

"at which time VeriSign would permanently relinquish its right to operate the .org registry, and an appropriate sponsoring organization representing non-commercial organizations would be sought (through some procedure yet to be determined) to assume the operation of the registry"

If there is any confusion here it is within ICANN.

Even if Dr. Cerf is correct in stating that a family owned .ORG domain name would not be confiscated. Who will police this? I can make $$ using the .ORG just as easily as on a .COM site. Are they going to have domain name police going around snarfing .ORG domains from people who have a link to an book on their family web site?

The whole idea is ludicrous.

Chris Grady


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