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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Tue, March 6, 2001 at 4:50 PM GMT
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Subject: Unfortunately ICANN is stuck in the stone ages, thus so are we.


We get it Garry, and we are concerned.

The problem is that we are stuck in the stone ages throwing rocks at ICANN (the hair mammal) while the rest of the Internet is building rocket ships and leaving them behind. The "concept" of ICANN and the role they SHOULD be playing WOULD be and acceptable solution .... if they were serving the originally intended purpose. Unfortunately they seem to do EVERYTHING  wrong at EVERY turn, and it ALWAYS  seems to benefit the established players and special interests somehow... go figure.

The position they have put THEMSELVES  in is , basically, that of a Government for the Internet (a Government that seems to feel comfortable taking away it's populations property at will ... feels sickeningly familiar heh?) As we all know, government officials wrote the book on under-the-table dealings and special interest preference. Why should ICANN be any different?

They put these boards up to pacify us in an attempt to show that they are a transparent entity and that they are interested in what the public, those they are suppose to represent, have to say. Instead they incapacitate our elected officials and seemingly ignore the outcry of irritated and outright angry people on the bulleting boards.

Here we are fighting for our .ORG rights while another company is doing things the way ICANN SHOULD be doing it. In the end, whether it is or some other company that manages to establish a globally accepted alternative to the mess that ICANN has made (and it will happen I assure you), millions of Internet users will be the victims.

Chris Grady


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