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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Tue, March 6, 2001 at 10:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Ran away from our discussion so soon?



jgestiot said:

‘Ain't you sick and tired of asking people to elaborate every time they say something you have no answer for? The guy is telling you black on white that the birthplace of the Internet is switzerland. Now, which word don't you understand?’

I say:

No, not at all.  What he stated was clearly wrong and I have no comprehension of where it came from.  This being said I do not know everything so I am willing to hear what he means. 

Like the ignorantly broad statements you have made I do not know where to start countering them or even if they were ever based in truth.  You obviously do not know what you are talking about or you would be more than happy to post details on what you were trying to talk about.  Any idiot can make slanderous generalizations but when you ask for details they cry and drag their feet knowing they will just look like a moron trying to defend their untruths.  That is what you are doing.

Example: ‘jgestiot is an idiot.’

I have no proof that you are an idiot (besides what you have posted here!) so when someone asks me why I think that all I can say is something stupid like ‘Well he just is!’  

Which is why you are afraid of specifics, you cannot back up your claims.  Either they are entirely based on some fantasy untruth of yours or you are so ignorant of the truth you cannot discuss them.

In either case I do not expect specifics from you.  You just seem like a 10-year-old kid with very limited knowledge and a bigoted worldview. 



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