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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Tue, March 6, 2001 at 11:49 PM GMT
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Subject: To friedrich the Big fat Popo....


      OK Popo,

Your article just confirms what I have been saying.  Your article itself points to ARPANET.  Of course almost 20 years later it starts talking about Cern.

‘1972: First public demonstration of  ARPANET
In late 1971, Larry Roberts at DARPA decided that people needed serious motivation to get things going. In October 1972 there was to be an International Conference on Computer Communications, so Larry asked Bob Kahn at BBN to organize a public demonstration of the ARPANET.
It took Bob about a year to get everybody far enough along to demonstrate a bunch of applications on the ARPANET. The idea was that we would install a packet switch and a Terminal Interface Processor or TIP in the basement of the Washington Hilton Hotel, and actually let the public come in and use the ARPANET, running applications all over the U.S ....
The demo was a roaring success, much to the surprise of the people at AT&T who were skeptical about whether it would work.
Source: Vinton Cerf’

The WWW is not the Internet, it is PART of the Internet.

Thanks for playing Popo!



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