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Username: pilot6
Date/Time: Wed, March 7, 2001 at 3:46 PM GMT
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Subject: Talk About Cute Tricks ...


                With all due respect to Vint Cerf,'s "cute trick" is no more or less a cute trick than ICANN's cute tricks:

1. Handing .INFO to Ken Stubbs.
2. Disregarding Leah Gallegos's .BIZ, and sanctifying a collision which could wipe her out.
3. Changing the rules for Verisign/NSI.
4. Getting $50,000.00 from each TLD applicant, most of which are rejected, while the money stays with ICANN (this was a huge cute trick).
5. Allowing Hans Kraaijenbrink, Linda Wilson, Jun Murai, and Frank Fitzsimmons to remain as Boardsquatters after their terms expired.
6. Not allowing IOD into ICANN's root, while still reserving .WEB for IOD.

Of course, you can add many more ICANN "cute tricks".

In reading Vint Cerf's statement, I feel his comments are a thinly disguised attempt to hide the anxiety he must feel, realizing how ICANN, through recent decisions/actions, has opened the door wide open to other root systems, for the whole world to see. 



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