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Username: CBloodworth
Date/Time: Wed, March 7, 2001 at 5:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Who do we officially complain to about .ORG changes?


Who do we officially complain to about the proposed changes to .org?  It's pretty clear that they are ignoring this forum.

I have a .org domain because, well, I just do.  I don't make any money what so ever from it, but I definetly like having the domain level email.  And yeah, the 'vanity' domain for my web site is nice.  It defintly doesn't fit into a .com or .net category.

As a previous poster said... What TLD is supposed to be used for individuals and small non-profit groups (like various open source projects)?

Personally, I *refuse* to have a .name tld.  The new TLDs are **TERRIBLE**!  I don't want one and would probably refuse it if they tried to give it to us .org holders for a discount.

It's *way* too late for them to try and take .org back the way it was.  If they had provided more TLDs 5 years ago, they _might_ have some moral justification for trying to do this.  But not now.  It's way too late.

And frankly, it doesn't make much sense anyway.  There are many definitions of an 'organization', even including the common open source projects where it's just a single one man shop.

They aren't trying to do this with .COM (for companies) and .NET (for ISPs), so why are they trying to do this with .ORG?

This has got to be stopped, and this forum isn't doing any good.  They are ignoring it.

We need email addresses of people to complain to!


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