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Username: DanS
Date/Time: Wed, March 7, 2001 at 7:20 PM GMT
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Subject: A Solution In Search of a Problem


        From the perspective of an individual, not a company (profit or non), the only TLD available is the .org. To choose a .com or .net would do more violence to the meaning of the terms than the miscellaneous catch-all of .org.  Further, the practical problem is what TLD to move to?

In addition, the proposed changes appear to be a solution in search of a problem.  What possible competitive advantage, to use an economic term, accrues to an entity that chooses the .org over the .com or .net? If there is no advantage, why would anyone use a .org unless that was the only choice?

To sum up, the proposed changes give rise to several questions:

1. What is the problem and how will the change solve the problem?
2. What are the unintended, but no less real, side effects of the change?
3. Who benefits from the change and who loses?
4. To what TLD do the newly disenfranchised move to?



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