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Username: sphelan
Date/Time: Thu, March 8, 2001 at 2:22 PM GMT
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Subject: Leave .ORG Domains alone !


        I would like to voice protest against the decision being considered to explicitly limit .ORG domain names to non-profit organizations.

Although it is a good idea to encourage this practice, it is absolutely out of the question to enforce it - Many people have already invested time and money in building up .ORG sites, and not all of them are non-profits!  Some are families, some are hobby sites or open-source software projects (which are usually managed by for-profit companies, even though the project may be public domain or GPL)

For new domains going forward, set any rules you'd like before opening them up, but we CANNOT retrofit.

Sean Phelan
Sequoia Consulting


Link: Hands Off My Org!

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