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Username: Mkzdk
Date/Time: Fri, March 9, 2001 at 5:19 PM GMT
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Subject: .Org jeopardy-Outrageous Idea


       If ICANN wants to limit a tld to registered non-profits, better to start fresh with .npo.
I and many others will sue if .orgs are suddenly subject to after the fact exclusionary rules.
I remind ICANN that their conniving friend, NetworkSolutions/Verisign wrote letters last year to holders of dot coms saying that their net presence was in danger unless they also registered the and dot.orgs for their domains.
We have ample basis for successful lawsuit.
One can only wonder where these people have been these last years. And why NSOL/Verisign is allowed to manipulate and sceme on and on.

It's bad enough that NSOL is holding expired names hostage for auction resale. These people are criminals. Time for ICANN to stop playing their dirty game, and be the public authority and arbiter it was meant to be.
I see some ugly lawsuits ahead, and probably the end of ICANN unless they handle this  in a rational way.
Stephen Miller


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