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Username: Werner Staub
Date/Time: Fri, March 9, 2001 at 9:43 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN can only lose in making deals with Verisign


        The ICANN board should reject the proposed revised agreements
altogether. It should realize that the existing agreements
- bad enough for the Internet community and outrageously
lopsided in favour of NSI/Verisign - cannot be improved.

ICANN's lawyer's must realize that in any deal with Verisign
they will lose (or more precisely, we, the people whom they are
supposed to represent, lose out). If they are good lawyers,
they should have the humility and professional pride to admit
that they simply are not armed for such a battle.

Verisign has all the data. ICANN barely has access to whatever
information Verisign cares to release. Verisign combines
an overhelming amount of macchiavellian expertise along
with the best available market knowledge of three activities -
domain registry, domain registrar and certificate authority.

It is most disturbing to read ICANN's justification for the
proposed revised agreement. It looks as if they had been written
by Verisign. ICANN staff does not seem to analyse what is behind
the market share figures presented to them by Verisign. They
do not seem to wonder why NSIregistrar's net new registrations
figures vary so wildly. Before accepting Verisign's figures,
ICANN should have Verisign's and NSIregistrar's log files
audited, and it should extract the data of its own choice
rather than accepting to be spoon-fed by Verisign.


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