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Username: IV
Date/Time: Sat, March 10, 2001 at 3:04 AM GMT
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Subject: WonderLand


VeriSign can not be blamed for anything. They act as businesspeople. If I would be the CEO of VeriSign I'd do the same. The only body they are responsible to is their shareholders and they do have fiduciary duty to their shareholders to make as much revenues and as much profits as possible.

The story about separating Registrar and Registry operations within VeriSign is irrelevant as is the story of how much their Registrar pays for the domain names. Of course they pay the cost. Moving money from the left pocket to the right is not something we should be concerned about and frankly it is none of our business.

Again it is not VeriSign to blame fort it. They just do business as usual.

Surprisingly no one is looking at this situation from the most conventional and most reasonable standpoint. Registry business is the
manufacturing/wholesale of the domain names while the Registrar is the

Every manufacturer/wholesaler knows about the importance of the reseller channel. The smart ones keep the channel as their most precious asset. The smart wholesalers never compete with their channel. It is a matter of survival.

Why than VeriSign wants to compete with its channel. The answer is very simple - tight supply of names. The free market rules do not apply in monopoly markets or markets with tight supply. Of course they will compete with their channel in a monopoly market. If you ask them they don't want the channel at all. This is the nature of the beast called business - it becomes nice and smiles when it feels the competition. Otherwise it is ugly beast and our contracts with VeriSign prove it (but this is another story).

In order to fight the beast the society developed the regulatory agencies to regulate businesses where the monopoly is inevitable.

Fortunately, we have much better chances with the domain names. It is not gas, oil, telecommunications or power, which is heavy, hard to move with a high barrier to entry. It is easy. Our calculations show that $3 to $5 million in funding can easily put new registries and new domains in business, thus creating competition for the ten year old monopoly .com    44 applicants showed up ready to invest the above amount and to start operations, in November, 2000. Only 7 got lucky to be selected by ICANN.

Everything will come to its place if there would be 50 + competing top level domains. Than VeriSign will respect its channel and will never compete with it. Than the people of Tuvalu can enjoy their own country domain .tv and be proud of it. Than there will be no secondary and third and forth etc. roots. Than there will be stability of the Internet. Until than we live in the
Wonderland ruled by ICANN.

" Fury said to a mouse,
That he met in the house,
"Let us  both go to law:  I will
prosecute you.
Come, I'll take no denial;
We must have a  trial:
For really this morning I've
nothing  to do."

Said the mouse to the cur,
"Such a trial, dear Sir,
With no jury or judge,
would be wasting  our breath."
"I'll be judge, I'll  be jury,"
Said cunning old Fury:
"I'll try the whole cause,
and condemn  you to death."'

            Lewis Carroll
            Alice adventures in Wonderland

Best regards and good luck,


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