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Username: kst
Date/Time: Sat, March 10, 2001 at 11:19 AM GMT
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Subject: Is .org really in danger?


        All this brouhaha about our .org domains being taken away from
us is based on a brief sentence in a summary of the proposal.
Other people posting here have indicated that members of ICANN,
in private communications, have said that they don't intend
to revoke .org domains registered by individuals.  Of course I
can't verify that this is the case.  Whether it is or not, it's
not the real point.

The real point, I think, is that by arbitrarily restricting
the set of TLDs, they're creating an artificial scarcity.
Companies that wanted to create and administer new TLDs had
to pay a on-refundable $50,000 fee, and only a few of the
applications were approved.  This is ridiculous.  What exactly
is the argument against allowing the creation of dozens or
hundreds of new TLDs, other than to make sure that domains
remains scarce and expensive?  The .com TLD will probably
always be prime real estate, but what's wrong with letting
IBM have .ibm, Sun have .sun, and John Doe have .johndoe?


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