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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, March 10, 2001 at 7:43 PM GMT
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Subject: Their email will be used for cover up


The US Department of Commerce are pleased to announce their support for the proposed amendment by ICANN.

This proposal gives VeriSign a much-needed boost to their profits. This is after being put to disadvantage by unscrupulous competition. New competition had been using unfair business practices by undercutting VeriSign charges. This proposal also takes away .ORG domain names from people that have them for unauthorized use.

Although ICANN allowed many people to use the .ORG Top Level Domain - ICANN say they took unjust advantage of them.

This follows much debate on ICANNs Internet site, where they listened to and settled the concerns of a few needlessly worried .ORG owners.

There were a few troublemakers making wild accusations about ICANN, trying to spoil Internet democracy. They included cybersquatters and the like. were among them, saying something about ICANN being undemocratic. Of course, such nonsense was ignored.

Mostly postings of support were received; the Small Business Survival Committee was typical. Their 70,000 business members gave this proposal their full backing. Giving many reasons for this backing - it can best be summed up with this line, “Perhaps the greatest reason to support the proposed amendment is simply one of fairness.”

A two-year cut off now starts for those without proof of non-profit status.


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