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Username: kst
Date/Time: Sat, March 10, 2001 at 10:05 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: YES, dot ORG is REALLY in danger !


        > You are assuming that we have misinterpreted what ICANN means
> when they use the phrase "non-profit organization." These are
> legal papers and the law is VERY clear as to the definition
> of the word organization:
> Quote:
> "a body (as a corporation or union) that has a membership
> acting or united for a common purpose"
> Therefor, yes, ICANN is talking about registered 501c
> status organizations.

What legal papers are you referring to?  I haven't seen
any.  The only thing we've seen is a *summary* of the
proposed changes.  The summary uses the phrase "non-profit
organizations", but it doesn't refer to 501c -- and I've heard
(but can't verify) that the phrase "non-profit organizations"
appears only in the summary, not in the actual proposal.  It's
quite possible that the phrase was being used informally to
refer to any organizations other than profit-making businesses.

It's clear, if the summary is at all accurate, that they're
considering some kind of restrictions on .org.  Chances are
the author of the summary had not read the relevant RFCs
that define what .org was intended for.  I see no evidence
whatsoever that they were seriously considering restricting
.org to US-registered 501c organizations.  (Even if they
were considering it, after this feedback I predict they'll
say that wasn't what they meant.)

It would be nice if someone on the ICANN board came onto this
forum to clarify their position.

But, as I've said before, this isn't the main point.  The main
point is the rest of the proposal, which allows Verisign/NetSol
to continue its monopoly and removes the requirement that
it split its registry and registrar businesses.


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