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Username: domainduck
Date/Time: Sun, March 11, 2001 at 1:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Stop The Madness - NO NSI


                        Stop This Madness! NSI has been accused of domain name hoarding. Did the world forget?

These are extremely serious charges that are before the courts and remain unsettled.

Control of the domain name database is a lucrative business, a privilege and a huge responsibility. ICANN must not be fooled into considering NSI as the eternal keeper of the COMs, but instead should determine, through the judiciary system, whether or not NSI is competent to continue control of any TLD at all. This is about Integrity, Honor and Trust.

We deserve answers. Is this a move on the part of NSI to cloud the hoarding issue, a scheme to beat the judge's decision? If found guilty, should NSI be allowed to control the keys to 'any' TLD??? I say, "NO NSI" until the courts rule on the domain name hoarding charges.

I urge all ICANN 'At Large' members and all concerned Netizens to look at this and BE HEARD. Get more information, supporting news about these charges and my personal experience here:

Enough Is Enough!  "NO NSI"


Link: NO NSI - What's "NO NSI" About?

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