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Date/Time: Sun, March 11, 2001 at 2:08 PM GMT
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Subject: I believe it is


non-profit and not-for-profit have specific meanings in both
US  law and the US tax codes.  Interestingly those are different,
see link below.

The reassurances I have received have been specific and aimed
at convincing me that my .org (and other existing not "for profit"
.orgs) are not at risk, or that there will be some consideration
given at a later time as to how to smoothly make a transition.

I proposed to ICANN the following three changes, which
represent the minimal acceptable (to me) revision:

Change the wording of the documents to specify the exclusion of
for-profit entities from the .ORG gTLD rather than a limitation to
not-for-profit entities.

Remove or correct the reference to the original intent of the .org

State that existing .org second-level domains that are not held by
for-profit entities will neither be removed from the TLD nor
prohibited from renewing their registrations.

I do not wish to see an unfortunate turn of phrase lead the
successor organization for the .org domain restrict registrations
like mine, which is why the wording matters.  Even if ICANN
doesn't mean to restrict .org, they have written a document that
indicates that they will.

I hope that my communication with them on this issue will
induce them to make the changes I suggested.  I know this in
not adequate to resolve everyone's needs, but it will be enough
for me.  I know of at least one other registrant with whom Dr. Cerf
communicated.  It is possible to engage the ICANN membership
if you feel it is appropriate.  I did.



Link: FAQ on Nonprofit/Not-for-profit

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