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Username: BL
Date/Time: Sun, March 11, 2001 at 10:46 PM GMT
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Subject: keep .org as is but add more unrestricted top level domains


The proposal to take away .org domains currently registered is idiotic. .org was never reserved for non-profits and changing the rules now invites chaos. This would be just as stupid as taking away .com or .net domains already in use.

Yes, there are some commercial entities registered under .org but that's mostly because they couldn't find a good name under .com. Plymouth cars can't register because the Plymouth Tube Company owns that domain, but wouldn't they be happy with

The problem with the TLDs is that there are too few of them. Currently, ".com" has the same meaning to many people as 1-800 (in the US that is). When 1-888 was created, many companies quickly acquired the 1-888 version of their 1-800 numbers but now that we have 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, etc. no one does this. People now recognize that the first three digits of a 1-8XX number are an area code.

If there were 100s of TLDs then .com would eventually go the same way. We would recognize that the essential component of a domain name is the dot, not the dot-com.

The proposals to add just a few new ones is akin to initially adding just 1-888 instead of all of the alternatives. Many companies in the .com space will immediately register in the .biz space, causing it to fill up. If you added .biz, .inc, .corp, .ltd, .gmbh, .llc, etc. this wouldn't happen.


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