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Username: tomodog
Date/Time: Mon, March 12, 2001 at 3:44 AM GMT
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Subject: Verisign Holds a Public Trust - Not a Private Label


Bad idea to hand this domain over to Non Profit Organizations (NPOs)exclusively.  NSI has given out these DOT.ORGs without qualification for years.  Real NPOs needing to displace 'squatters' have a system in place to deal with it.  But the reverse is not true.  Legitimate holders of ORG domains have no alternate places to go in many cases.  This is a heavy handed opt-out of the civil responsibilities ICANN has with the obvious objective of fattening someone's wallet.  I don't think the Government's intent with privatizing the process was to make it a profit center for privately held corporations.  I believe it was to relieve the taxpayer of the burden of paying to sustain these public systems.  See the US Postal Service for an example of a public trust that has been (some might say successfully) turned over to private industry without harming the public interest.  The DOT.PRO domain is a sell-out since the public no longer has any input to how that domain is doled out.  The holder of the right to distribute them has unilaterally generated a list of eligible 'professionals' who may hold a DOT.PRO.  Others need not apply...  Are you a professional?  Do you do proefessional work?  Are you on the list?

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