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Username: seer
Date/Time: Tue, March 13, 2001 at 12:56 AM GMT
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Subject: What can we do?


        I do not want to lose my .org domain.  I will do everything
within my
power to make sure that doesn't happen.  Here are the choices I feel I

- Complain to ICANN (like with this message) and hope it doesn't go thru.
- Make sure other .org's (like slashdot) force this issue to the public
- Register myself as a fake non-profit.  I'm sure there are others
that would do this as well.
- Buck the system and find another system of DNS (not all that impossible)
- Sue.  Sue big.  Force ICANN to go into the red, and maybe take NSI
with them. 

Am I missing something?  What else is there we can do?  I bought my
domain so that I would have a place that was forever mine.  If this is
taken away from me, I will fight.


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