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Username: CBloodworth
Date/Time: Tue, March 13, 2001 at 4:40 AM GMT
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Subject: Not much we can do individually.  We need leadership.


I don't think there is much we can do.

1) They don't care what gets said in this forum.  They don't even care what gets said at their meeting itself.  They've already made up their mind.  They are just going through the motions.

2) Registering yourself as a non-profit org isn't easy.  I don't think it is, anyway.  I had already thought of that.  From what very little I know, there's a lot of paper work involved.  If it was actually easy, I'd do it.

3) Contact the guy at the Commerce department.

Secretary Donald Evans (US D.O.C.) by email at       

Don't expect him (or anyone else) to actually read it, though.

4) Get half a million .ORG owners to sue.  Anything fewer would be ignored by ICANN, Congress, the Comerce dept., and the news media.  Even that many would risk being thrown out of court because ICANN is such a nice, friendly organization.

If somebody in here was actually smart and knew what to do and how to organize this resistance, it'd sure help.


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