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Username: rambler
Date/Time: Tue, March 13, 2001 at 2:04 PM GMT
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Subject: Stop threatening ICANN with lawsuits!


      You must remember, when Dr Postel wrote the RFC 1591 he meant :
(a) COM to be exclusively for Commercial Use (b) NET to be for Commercial AND Network-related Organizations, and (c) ORG for those ORGANIZATIONS that do not fit into COM and NET, such as non-for-profit organizations.

      As you may see, there was no place for individuals anywhere in the DNS yet (until .name is delegated by ICANN).

      It is NSI that broke the tradition by their greed for more money. Remember, it is RFC 1591 that counts, not NSI's registration agreement you signed.

      So, you cannot blame ICANN *but* you may however sue NSI for fraud, ie. fradulently claiming that .org was an unrestricted TLD when it was not (see RFC 1591).

Richard Ambler


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