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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Wed, March 14, 2001 at 1:58 PM GMT
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Subject: Thank you for feeding us


You may not be aware of the fact that you are not talking to
undergraduate students. Your investments are certainly not feeding
anybody else but yourself ... if they are successful.

It doesn't make much sense to say that domain name registrations
should cost 35$/year or more - because coffee is expensive.

The registration process for a domain name costs less than 35cents,
except you include vast saleries and shareholder profits that are not
necessarily part of the process. These additional costs do not exist
for the benefit of the internet community or even feed them. Your
arguments therefore are misleading.

I may tell you to have filed an international patent request for a
system providing a 100% identification through lokal nets or the
internet. Because of its new logic, the system cannot be hacked.
At the moment 20 programmers are working on the realization of this
project, which is expected to be ready in March 2002.

I fear that Verisign share value will not rise upon our competition,
once we shall have started.

This may show you, how little your comments matter.
You shouldn't stick to the size and the current power of a company,
but to the technology it sells and the price it asks for.

If the price is 10 times too high, then you are on the wrong side.

Competition is necessary and ICANN is too shortsighted at the moment
and forms a real danger for the internet, which will grow around
ICANN and/or Verisign as a consequence.

We are not here to talk about the price of a cup of coffee (I am
neither smoking nor drinking any coffee) but about the future of the
You'd better not mix it up.


Friedrich Kisters
Human Bios GmbH
Seeblickstrasse 34-36
CH-8280 Kreulingen


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