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Username: csm
Date/Time: Wed, March 14, 2001 at 9:08 PM GMT
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Subject: changes to .org


        From the original RFC it seems like .org was always intended to be a "miscellaneous/none-of-the-above" domain. The idea that it might be reclassified as only appropriate to US tax code 501(3)c type organizations is too grotesque to be true, even though some folks here seem to be implying that that's what ICANN means. First of all the web is international, not a province of the US Internal Revenue Service. Second, while it may make sense to limit .org to individuals and groups for uses that do not involve profit-making, that should not be confused with the local/national "non-profit" tax status of the group or individual.

As for how to limit .org to uses that don't involve profit-making, other than using the honor system the only way I can think of is to say that if you own a .com domain you can't also own a .org domain, but I'm sure there will be people who wear both hats who will disagree with that idea!

- csm


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