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Username: woobie
Date/Time: Fri, March 16, 2001 at 7:21 PM GMT
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Subject: Cross-TLD Fairness


      The only realistic way to restructure the entire .org system would be to additionally restructure the entire .com and .net system.
      If .org domains are to be 'returned to the pool' by those holding them that are not non-profits, and the entire world is to be forced to use the original standards for .org ownership, then it is only fair that the .com and .net standards are equally enforced.

      Originally, the .com extension was intended for 'commercial' websites and .net was intended for 'networking or internet structure related' websites.

      So, if we have to give up our .orgs for the purpose of compliance with the original rules, those who own .net names that are not network related and those who own .com's that are not commercial should also be forced to relinquish ownership in those domains.

      Additionally, I feel it would only be fair to look into length of ownership vs. usage as well.  If a domain name has been owned for more than a year and there is still no website located at that domain name, this demonstrates to me that the owner of the name either has no intention of ever 'using' the domain name or is squatting it.
      If it is found that a domain name is being held by any entity, be it private, business or government, and that domain name is not being used for the reason it was created (assumably to put a website on it), the registrant should be given 30 days to put up a website on that domain name or relinquish it to the pool.

      If you are not 'cybersquatting' or 'hoarding' a domain name(s), you should have no problem using the name for its proper intention.

      Personally, I am sick and tired of people buying domain names that have excellent usability, just to 'sit' on them for years and try to sell them 'to the highest bidder'.

      I have nothing against people trying to profit from the sale of a domain name.  However, I do have a problem if that domain name is useable and is not for sale.  If it IS for sale and has not been sold in a year, that obviously means either A.) The name is worth less than the current owner is trying to get for it - thus making the name unavailable for those who may have legitimate use for the name, or B.) the owner is not actively trying to 'sell' the name, thus demonstrating their actual intention of hoarding it.

      If ICANN and other 'powers that be' are now intent on putting the internets TLD system back the 'way it was supposed to be', then they should not stop at the .org extension.  If you are going to suddenly become 'rules oriented' then you had better do it across the board, and not targeted at a specific TLD.


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