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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sat, March 17, 2001 at 1:55 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows NT 4.0
Score: 5
Subject: Questions to be asked



The question has been asked, if you simply intend to render .org unattractive, because NSI/Verisign are likely too loose power on it.

This would mean, that you help NSI/Verisign re-establish thir monopoly, as the only unrestricted gtlds will remain .com and .net.

You are furthermore suspected to re-enforce NSI/Verisigns monopoly with the introduction of the only new unrestricted gtld .info, where NSI/Verisign participates again as a registry directly and indirectly (owning further participants).

If you are unable to properly answer these allegations, they in fact become a plausible answersn to the question, why IODs .dot web was not selected as new gtld in the process, even though a vast majority of internet users had asked you to select it (over 3000 comments in favour of IODs .web).

You may therefore take the time to answer to these allegations in detail. Please feel free to answer directly to:

Friedrich Kisters


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