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Username: CBloodworth
Date/Time: Sat, March 17, 2001 at 5:44 PM GMT
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Subject: HOW do we advertise the problem???


As has been pointed out before, there's a lot of talk in here but ICANN doesn't care and nobody else is listening.

So, we need to spread the word.

I've posted comments in several news palces.  Some of which were never 'approved' and posted.

I've sent in emails to the editors of several news places asking why they don't cover this aspect.

I sent an email to my registrar asking them if they knew anything about it and whether they were planning on doing anything or notifying their .ORG holders.  (Their reply was they didn't know about, didn't plan to do anything, and didn't believe the deal would go through and for me to calm down.)

Soo.... HOW are we supposed to act when nobody else seems to care.  When you can't even talk news sites into covering it?

I suggest we all flood various news sites with emails to the editors asking them to cover it.  Maybe if they get enough requests they'll cover it.

Right off the top of my head, how about:

Those are a fairly major places that get read throughout the world.

Plus any local or national news sites that might care.  And any major places, of course.

Plus, be sure and contact your registrar and ask them to inform their .ORG olders.  You'll have to convince them there is a problem, of course.  It might help if you can find the *ONE* post by an ICANN official that was made in this forum.  And point out that ICANN has *NOT* told us we are wrong.

You might want to contact other registrars, too.

And maybe through in a few emails to  After all, they seem to be the only news site who has even mentioned this!!  Maybe they'll do a follow up story.

Feel free to post the subject in other discussion forums.  I don't know of many discussion places.  Right off the top of my head, I only know of SlashDot and this isn't something they'd care about.

Post it in appropriate newsgroups.

As I've said, I've already sent in several emails to places and they were apparently ignored.  We need volume.


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