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Username: kst
Date/Time: Sun, March 18, 2001 at 1:12 AM GMT
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Subject: Missing the point again


Several people here have suggested the creation of a new TLD,
probably .npo, for non-profit organizations; this would be an 
alternative to the proposed restriction of .org to non-profit

I have no objection to the idea, but there's one question I
don't think anyone has asked.  Is a dedicated TLD for non-profit
organizations even necessary?  For example, just the first page of
a Google search for "red cross" shows: (American Red Cross) (International Federation of Red Cross
                  and Red Crescent Societies) (International Committee of the Red Cross) (Canadian Red Cross) (British Red Cross) (Croatian Red Cross) (Australian Red Cross) (Belgian Red Cross)

The point is that many (most?) existing non-profit organizations
already have perfectly good domains under existing TLDs.

If a group of non-profit organizations requests
a new TLD, they should have one.  But it's
interesting that nobody even proposed such a TLD; see
(Perhaps no NPO had a spare $50,000 for the application fee.)

Like the suggestion that existing .orgs be grandfathered, the .npo
TLD is being suggested as an alternative to the proposed restrictions
on .org.

The restrictions on .org are most likely being proposed to
drive people into TLDs on which VeriSign can make a profit.
Don't compromise.  Leave .org alone.


Link: TLD applications

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