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Username: Johnjames
Date/Time: Tue, March 20, 2001 at 8:04 PM GMT
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Subject: The .org Registry Agreement


We are totally against this part of the agreement.

Network Solutions promoted the use of .net and .org TLDs to anybody in order to increase their sales. 

Companies bought these TLDs from Network Solutions and then other ICANN Registrars in good faith, expecting to use the .net and .org TLD to develop their business and web sites.

These companies should not lose the use of the .org after buying the use of the domain name from Network solutions in good faith and spending the time and money to develop the .org domain for their websites.

If .org is suddenly restricted, who is going to compensate these companies for the time and expensive they incurred developing these sites?

Is Verisign offering to compensate these companies, since Network Solutions/Verisign actively promoted the sale of .org to these companies?

As a very minimum, these companies should be allow to keep the domain names that they registered in good faith through Network Solutions and the other ICANN Registrars.

Many of these companies are small and can not afford the loss that will occur if they are no longer able to use the .org domain that they have built and are promoting.


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