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Username: cbloodworth
Date/Time: Wed, March 21, 2001 at 6:16 PM GMT
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Subject: What do your customers think?


NameZero?  As in the free domain people?  An actual company in here?  WOW!  Most people & companies have chosen to ignore this.

Most of the posters in here don't really have much to say about the basic agreement itself.  Oh, there are a number of people who think ICANN should be disolved and a new organization (with better rules, more oversight, etc.) created.  But as far as the basic agreement itself, most people in here don't really care one way or the other.

My questions to you are:

1) what is your position on ICANNs idea of "returning" .ORG to genuine registered non-profit only status?  Even though it was *never* designed for that purpose.  This effects a lot of individuals, open source movements, groups, organizations, etc.  (Those of us living in the U.S. can't even get a decent .US domain, so .ORG was really the only thing were were entitled to, since we aren't a company or a network.)

2) Have you told your customers who registered a .ORG through you that they will be forced to give up their domain?  Both your paying customers and your free customers?

This does seem to be ICANN's objective.  Just days after this forum opened, and people began discussing the issue of .ORG being forcibly revoked from individuals, groups, etc. and people began to get angry about it, Mike Roberts of ICANN posted the following message:;3A9E75C700000003

I would like to post a general response to this concern.  The need for an appropriate transition period for the .org registry to non-commercial status is fully recognized by those working on the proposed agreements.  Should the agreements be approved, ICANN will conduct an open process through which the interests of all those affected by a change in .org policies will be respected.
- Mike Roberts

Notice that he is *NOT* disgreeing with what had already been said about individuals losing their .ORG domains?  In fact, he clearly says that an appropriate transition period will be allowed for the changes to the .ORG policy?

All he had to do was tell them that they were mistaken, that the changes were limited soley to businesses operating under .ORG and that would have gone a long way towards calming everybody.  Even since then, all that would have been needed is a few calming words.  But they've been silent.  If we were wrong about indivudals, open source, etc. losing our .ORG, they would have told us just to shut us up.

Have you told your customers about this?  You should.  Otherwise there is a possibility of you being SUED because you *knew* about it in advance and didn't inform/warn them!  I don't think most registrars have thought of that.  Trust me, customers will!!


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