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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Thu, March 22, 2001 at 9:32 AM GMT
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Subject: Why you are badly mistaken


You say, “Just coming in here and saying 'NSI is bad' and 'NO MORE NSI' and 'ICANN must be dissolved' isn't enough for those of us who have done our own research.  In fact, it demonstrates an inability to look at all the facts in the situation - and the inability to understand documentation that has been made publically available.”

You are arrogant to think those people have done less research than you have. Even if this were so in some cases, they back up these comments with fact. Actually, from some of the statements you have made, you are certainly lacking in knowledge. I regard such people as you with contempt. Therefore, before this degenerates into a mud-slinging match, please curb your insults - and I will mine.

So - ICANN going against the fundamental principles on which it is based, is not enough reason to have it dissolved?

You say, "I have no sympathy for anyone who bought a .org to put a commercial site on.  Yes, I do think that NSI may have been misleading in promoting the org domain sales to commercial entities by saying 'protect your internet identity'.  However, there are two sides to that coin as well.
      NSI DID promote the sales of .org to commercial entities.  There is no denying this.
      However, they promoted these sales to owners of .com domain names.  Basically, they were saying 'buy the .org that matches your .com or someone might put a site up on the .org version of your .com name and reap the benefits of your established .com name popularity'.
      They did not say 'buy a .org and put a commercial website on it'.  They did not say 'buy a .org that does not match your .com domain name and put a commercial website on it'."

I have sympathy for them - what other choice did they have. You seem to have some intelligence; do you really believe a commercial business would pick an .org - if they could use a .com?

So - NSI make it absolutely clear that a company with no suitable .com available should not buy .org to run their business on?

So - ICANN have not been deliberately mismanaging the Internet, by holding up introduction of desperately needed new TLDs?

If you have researched as well as you claim, then you know what has been happening. There is no honest defence for the way ICANN have conducted themselves - without twisting the truth, as they have been doing.


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