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Username: woobie
Date/Time: Fri, March 23, 2001 at 7:51 AM GMT
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Subject: Shrug


      As I said, NSI advertised to CURRENT OWNERS OF .COM DOMAINS that they may want to register the .org versions of their names to protect their internet identity.

      They did not advertise to people who didn't own a .com with that offer.

      As to what choice a company has if the .com is gone, think of a different name!  There are thousands of unused .com domain names.. probably millions.. that, if they were used instead of a .org, would not be posing a potential 'commercial or non-commercial' problem to the website owners like the .org situation is now.
      My comment about doing research on the situation is still as strong as it was when I posted it.  All I was trying to say was that people who post messages that just say 'NSI Sucks' or 'Disolve ICANN', and dont back those requests up with any reasons AND some kind of evidence for those reasons, are being ignored.  Not only by myself, but also by ICANN and anyone else who might have some 'power' to do something about it.

      Give some people a podium and they'll yell all day long.  But if they are yelling jibberish that most people cant understand, or they start sounding like a fanatic, not too many people will listen.


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