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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, March 24, 2001 at 6:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Vote now - Is ICANN acting in Bad Faith or Imbecility?


Why is ICANN and friends WIPO pretending they do not know the SIMPLE ANSWER to the trademark problem?

Sunrise etc is all a load of bull - they should not have to buy trademark name in every TLD brought out in the future (new trademark tax?).

This is not possible anyway - thousands may share their name.

Businesses want a short and pretty domain name.

Therefore, as example, Apple Computers could use for advertising and marketing purposes - This is legal usage.

However, for *TRADEMARK USE* it *HAS* to be unique, short is therefore just *NOT* - repeat *NOT* possible.

Apple Computers are abusing its trademark for a dominant position - due to ICANN deliberate mismanagement.

Apple Computers therefore needs another domain name for trademark use.

This should be *OBVIOUS*

Trademarks have to be identified with "®", so they could make domains consistent with existing law using Dot REG as identifier.

A trademark *NAME* is for a specific *CLASS* in a specific *COUNTRY*.

A domain name in the format - would be a unique identifier - no trademark conflict.

Example for Apple Computers in United States would be -

They take people’s domain names in UDRP because of feeble trademark excuses.

These domains are not trademarks - it is a LIE.

So, you choose - is ICANN acting in Bad Faith or Imbecility?


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