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Username: rod dixon
Date/Time: Sat, March 24, 2001 at 9:33 PM GMT
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Subject: this decision should NOT be made...


      My primary concern with the proposed "return" of .org for its original purpose is that this decision should NOT be made in the context of negotiations between VeriSign. The future of .org is a matter of concern to the Internet community. It is also a matter of concern to VeriSign since that company would compete with an additional generic registry; one which could erode the profit margins of the .com registry business.
One might say that the new TLDs may ensure competition in registry services, but these new registries may not offer the level of competition to .com that incumbent generic registries could provide. We simply do not know whether .org could remain a viable alternative generic registry once competition is opened up at the registry level. What is more, even if plausible arguments could be made that .org  is not important to ensuring choice and competition in generic TLDs, it cannot be seriously argued that this decision should be made during contract negotiations with the only existing generic TLD registry. It should be patently obvious to ICANN staff that removing .org from potential competition as an INCUMBENT gTLD registry would inure significant benefits to VeriSign. Consequently, VeriSign should have little or no say in the matter. This decision must be made outside of the negotiation process for new agreements.

- Rod Dixon



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