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Username: Walter
Date/Time: Wed, March 28, 2001 at 5:49 AM GMT
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Subject: .org names change unethical for business in general


I purchased a domain two years ago and plan to use it.  If I am not mistaken .org means organization and if the business is and on-line business that makes up an organization.

I plan to lauch my business this year and do not expect to have such a thing happen.  I signed a contract and should be able to use the domain as I see fit.

I would like to see the plan removed do to the high volume of domains currently taken and used sometime ORGANIZATIONS have no choice but to receive a .ORG. 

Granted I am in full agreement that non-profit organizations should have a non-profit exstention.  However it should be something that has never been offered to the people for sale.  Why should profit organizations receieve profit by registering non-profit or not-for-profit domains.  All the while the end user receieves no warrent for doing so.

I do hope someone does read this and acts apon it.

Thank you in advance for you time.

Any one that wishes to reach me can do so at

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