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Username: walter
Date/Time: Thu, March 29, 2001 at 5:10 AM GMT
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Subject: Follow up - Why Non Profit and Profit dot coms would benifiet and how it limits free enterprise!


Thak you Gary seems at least some people can see some of the light but there are some entities out there that will try to get this passed and that may be why it's brought up in the first place.

When there were three main Dot exstentions that ment there could be three entities out there with the same domain.  Dot Coms gain to venture by eliminating one third of thier compition this way.

I work for a Non-profit organization and I can tell you that Non-profits stand to gain by creating a single identity. 

Problem is by doing so your eliminating compitition...... for both.
Other esteemed multimillion-dollor industries print out millions of dollors worth of propaganda to ensure thier continued success.
Problem is is that it is all one sided (I won't go into detail of those business but we know who they are).

I think we all need to get together (those dot orgs that happen to make a profit) and be ready.

I am wanting my opportunity to work hard in life and be successful.
I should not have it ripped away by propaganda and special intrest organizations.

However I do not want any NPO's to think that I only see my side remember I work for one and see thier value.  However NPO's (by in large) either are produced by a profitable company or organization or are out there by the need of the service.

These companies should attempt to find ways to solve the problem not just shove it down under the rug by passing a stipulation.

I like the NPO suggestion or either make an extension for us that have profit organizations (PRO) possibly and offer it to .org companies.

I could see somone having to replace thier site.   It was not my mistake that I purchased a name that was intended for non-profit it was the good folks that designed the system and they should accept some of the responsibility.  Make availible information and not just sell exstentions.

Thank you,


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