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Username: walter
Date/Time: Fri, March 30, 2001 at 5:23 AM GMT
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Subject: Domains should be treated as patents (Commitee on Internet Communication Govt Commitee)


What could/should happen is every registar goup should be able to do a domain search and be able to assist someone in registering thier domain.

However the main database should be housed and protected....
Best example is the Arlington PTO housing patents....

Domains should be handled much that way or like trademarks.....

Then that will open up the domain situation to allow for free enterprise by registar companies.....

This would/could also allow for a global restriction on domain names offering more control.....

Allow the registaring companies the opportunity to service the consumer and allow for the policy to be documented by a higher athority.

I feel that the Government needs to act and have into operation a Internet communication's dept to handle all the domain exstentions which would allow for true registering enterprisewhile protecting internet integrety.

Thank you


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