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Username: EdIsenberg
Date/Time: Sat, March 31, 2001 at 12:15 AM GMT
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Subject: .ORG Should slowly convert to Non-profits


                        Having read many arguments from both sides, and having a strong background is both .COM and .ORG worlds, I feel that the best policy is a reasonably gradual move towards making .ORG the home of not-for-profit organizations. HOWEVER, I have specific caveats:

1) There can be no universal or enforceable definition of not-for-profit (which is why I don't call it "non-profit", which has a specific legal meaning in the United States). Therefore, I believe that the rules should be made clear as to what constitutes the intent (see 2 below) and rely on VOLUNTARY compliance.

2) The intent of a definition of "not-for-profit" should be, "an organization dedicated to providing products, services or information to a larger community that is not designed to generate income beyond reasonable expenses. An 'organization' shall normally be a group of people or corporation who have a defined membership that is not restricted to the immediate members of a single family." Please note that MY intent is to allow extended families that organize for genealogical or social reasons to participate, but to exclude what is commonly considered an immediate family living group (e.g., John_Mary.ORG).

3) The process by which this change should take place is in stages, with extensive public notice before stage 1, then stage 1 where new registrations are affected, and then stage 2 where .ORG domain owners are given a minimum of 12 months to make the change to a more appropriate domain name.

It should be realized that there is no solution that is going to make everyone happy. However, the current practice which encourages, for instance, real estate brokers or companies to register CHICAGO.ORG, is not in the public interest.


Ed Isenberg


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