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Username: bud
Date/Time: Sat, March 31, 2001 at 3:21 AM GMT
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Subject: Verisign


      I have partnered with both Verisign and NSI on several occasions and while I appreciate both sides of this issue, I support Verisign's proposed ICANN terms and genuinely believe that it is in the best interest of the Internet community for Verisign to retain the Registrar.  

My experience in dealing with Verisign is that they are incredibly even-handed in their negotiations with smaller companies (such as mine, Bigstep).  Moreover, whenever we have had an issue that needed their help to resolve, they have been accommodating and generous in providing any needed technical assistance.  As a resource constrained start-up, this has been a welcome surprise. 

Additionally, Verisign has helped introduce us to a variety of prospective business partners.  Finally, they have shared critical insights and learning into several new businesses we are exploring.  All of these were done with absolutely no opportunity for financial or other gain on their part.  As a member of the Internet community, and a company that represents the interests on small businesses on the web, this has greatly impressed everyone at Bigstep.

Again while I understand both sides of this argument, Verisign has clearly proven to my company that they have earned the right to retain the Registrar.  


Link: Bigstep supports Verisign's efforts to retain Registrar

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