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Username: domainduck
Date/Time: Sat, March 31, 2001 at 5:04 PM GMT
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Subject: 'Sexy' Expired Domain Names Not Available


With only 2 days left before ICANN's vote on proposed new NSI contracts the Internet focus remains on blurred details of healthy competition and the fate of dot-orgs.

I ask a fundamental question, "Is NSI, the gTLD Registry/Registrar, guilty of domain name hoarding?"

These monumental charges are before the courts and remain unsettled.
Info can be found here:

On March 27, 2001 I researched 'one' prefix - I searched all 'On-Hold' domain names that began with 'SEXY'.

Here are the most suspicious:

Domain Name:                     Registered On:                    Expired On:                  05-Jul-1998                         05-Jul-2000             12-Nov-1998                        12-Nov-2000                    30-Sep-1998                       30-Sep-2000                    08-Nov-1998                        08-Nov-2000                       03-Jul-1998                         03-Jul-2000                     09-Oct-1998                        09-Oct-2000                  29-Sep-1997                       30-Sep-2000                  03-Jul-1998                         03-Jul-2000                     12-Oct-1998                        12-Oct-2000                   11-Nov-1998                        11-Nov-2000

I ask NSI and ICANN, NICs and Registrars and Brokers, Small and Large business, the MEDIA who continues to ignore this issue, and all gTLD domain registrants: WHY ARE THESE DOMAIN NAMES NOT AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE RIGHT NOW?

Does NSI 'Own' expired Domain Names? Does NSI 'Own' the gTLD Database?

Because of NSI's policies, I have lost my family domain name, It can happen to you.
Info can be found here:

I ask another fundamental question, "Can an apple tree produce oranges?"

Tim Griffin


Link: The Full Story.

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