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Username: oldesouth
Date/Time: Sat, March 31, 2001 at 7:58 PM GMT
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Subject: Are You Blind?


  1) Yes, ICANN is blind in the sense that they are willing to turn a blind eye to  Network Solutions.  Here is probably why: ICANN draws  funds from Network Solutions and its own self-sufficiency is in doubt, this from the United States General Accounting Office letter to Congress of July 7, 2000, document B-284206, available at the US Department of Commerce site  Loyalty, old relationships, and a sweetheart deal may not look so bad if one is in on it.

2) Network Solutions strategy in hoarding expired names could well be as follows: Person called Public wanting the expired name can contact the expired-name-owner called Former about transferring the name to Public. Former may  consent, may want payment for his trouble, may want payment for value,  ?$US cost. The transfer papers with Former's signature must be notarized and mailed to Network Solutions. Public must then pay to Network Solutions the amount due on Former's bill for renewal, say $70US, and then transfer ownership by re-registering with Network Solutions at say $70US. Network Solutions will expedite matters for $200US more, otherwise wait indefinitely for them to maybe complete registration when they  feel like it. In any case the registration is with Network Solutions, not once but twice.  The longer Network Solutions holds the expired domain the longer some Public has to figure this out and be willing to pay to do it.  After sixty days from the last registration the domain can be transferred to another registrar. But Network Solutions has the money, twice.  If Network Solutions were to timely delete the name, then any  registrar could register it and Network Solutions would get nothing.

3) In light of Network Solution's operating practices, the Great Domains for sale at their site looks suspicious.  How did they  get these "Great Domains" first?  A corporate veil of a separate company for Great Domains would leave the question of interlocking ownership or boards or other relationships.

4) On a more emotive level I must say that it appears the rabbit has been left to look after the lettuce.      


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