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A Plan for Action Regarding New gTLDs
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  • To: gtld-plan-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: A Plan for Action Regarding New gTLDs
  • From: "Eric Coulter" <eric_coulter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 15:05:35 -0600

To Whom It May Conern,

      Unfortunately, I was not made aware of this sooner.

      I have a thought.  Perhaps it's a bit separationist or segregate.
However, it will not infringe upon the rights of business owners.

      Having a TLD of .porn, .sex, or .adult would be beneficial.
      1)  It will allow parents to more easily restrict content based upon
      2)  Software written to prevent unauthorized viewing of said sites
would have an easier time filtering with an higher accuracy

      The business owners of adult material websites can keep their current
sites but must register their site under .adult as well
      1)  This should not cost an additional fee since it's being mandated
      2)  This will insure that the business owners can maintain their
websites and even allow them additional liberties for advertisement since
filtering is more reliable
      3)  Software can index a central online database and filter out the
website name and compare it to the whois results, assuming a match is found
the site is restricted

      Having a special listing for adult sites may sound separationist
however it's helping to remove reliability from adult sites and yet provide
an easy way to prevent unwanted viewing of socially improper material.  Of
course, I present this in a best-case scenario.  Allowing business owners
to keep the .com and .net addresses has been faithful practices in all
industries.  Imagine being able to properly filter www.whitehouse.gov
versus www.whitehouse.com.  Obviously, the .gov site would be the intended
destination for a child writing a report on past presidents.  And since
www.whitehouse.com is owned by a separate entity that entity would also be
required to list as www.whitehouse.adult.
      I'm sure I'm not the first to present a way to separate without
filtering adult oriented websites, however, the very least I'm attempting
to do here is start a thought provoking discussion with those responsible
for administering TLD's.  At least consider for a moment the benefits and
ease of implementation.  There would be no additional cost to anyone, it
would be easier to filter sites and the not-so-computer savvy peoply would
be able to do it themselves, and more importantly we protect ourselves and
our children for viewing inappopriate materials before they are able to
make those decisions themselves responsibly.

Thanks you,

Eric Coulter (but please post me annonymously if possible)

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