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Re: [ifwp] Re: WIPO's Washington Meeting

[ Martin Swimmer wrote: ]

.  .  .
> >2) Regulation by a guild is no more attractive than regulation by 
> >government.  In fact, it is less attractive, as government has an 
> >obligation to protect the public interest.
> >
> Who has proposed regulation by guild?  Can you expand your view on proper
> regulation?

Actually, allowing SOs to both propose polciy, and then
sit in judgement on policy could be construed as just

> >3) Had the "enhancement of commerce" test demanded by TM holders for new 
> >domains been applied to the Internet as a whole in 1990, we would not now 
> >have a commercial Internet.

And that seems to imply that DNS is the only reason the
commercial Internet came into existance. Sorry, as someone
who's been on the net since before then, I can't say I buy

.  .  .
> medium is a commercial failure.  TM interests do believe that in any sphere
> of commerce, brand protection is necessary, which is not an absurd thought.
>  Healthy mature economies do not base themselves on the counterfeiting sector.

Just to show I'm not a crusty curmudgeon, I do endorse 
this sentiment entirely.

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