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Re: [ifwp] Re: WIPO's Washington Meeting

P. Deutsch commented on my reponses (two arrows below) to Mr. Feld's post
(three arrows):

At 01:23 PM 10/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>[ Martin Schwimmer wrote: ]
>.  .  .
>> >2) Regulation by a guild is no more attractive than regulation by 
>> >government.  In fact, it is less attractive, as government has an 
>> >obligation to protect the public interest.
>> >
>> Who has proposed regulation by guild?  Can you expand your view on proper
>> regulation?
>Actually, allowing SOs to both propose polciy, and then
>sit in judgement on policy could be construed as just
Agreed.  If the SOs consists of registrars and registries, they absolutely
are too conflicted out to adjudicate their own policy.  I certainly don't
propose that if there is a dispute resolution policy (not just regarding
disputes between DN holders but other disputes as between ISPs for example
over allocation of address space, for example), that the SO itself cannot
be the adjudicative body.


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