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Re: [ifwp] Comparing Apples with watermellons

Eric and all,

Eric Weisberg wrote:

> Let me disagree with my friend.
> Peter Deutsch wrote:
> > Having not read every
> > draft of the ORSC proposal, I'll admit to being somewhat
> > surprised by the final list of changes they claim to have
> > made. In My Own Hunble Opnion, their procedure to produce
> > that document had remarkable parallels with what IANA did,
> > but (as with IANA) their doc has  lots of good points.
> There is a fundamental difference between IANA and ORSC.  One claimed to be the
> only process, the other merely made a proposal to be considered in the process.

  THis statement is wholly true.  The IANA decided to, for whatever reasonsto abandon
the IFWP process, as well ignore any other Stakeholders input
in an open, transparent, and fair process.  This is indeed unfortunate, and history
will show that this has indeed occurred.

> It is the difference between the driver of the car refusing to let the passengers
> vote on where to go and a passenger in the back screaming that he wants to eat at
> McDonalds..  The person with his hands on the wheel is driving everyone in the
> car.  The guy in the back is only speaking for himself.  He does not need a
> democratic process to do that.  IANA does not care about getting the consent of
> the driven.  It just wants to drive where and how it wants to drive.

  This is an accurate analogy as far as it goes, however it should also be
understoodthat the the ORSC proposal is not the only proposal on the table.  THat the
BWG, or the ORSC's proposals meet the consensus of the IFWP process
conferences, the White Paper requirements, not the needs and desires of ALL
of the Stakeholders.

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